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Hi there - Natasha and Gaby here!

We’ve been crafting for over 20 years combined and love all things cute, unique and handmade! Being crafters ourselves, we fully appreciate the time, dedication, heart and soul that goes into making handmade products.

It’s been devastating to witness the impact Covid-19 has had on the entire Crafting Industry, in particularly to see distress caused to those who’s livelihoods relied upon on Markets and Fayres.


Gaby participates in the majority of her fayre’s leading up to Christmas, along with hosting a Fayre each year - dedicating all profits to charity!

Starting around September, the buzz of autumn/winter means that rather than 12 days, Christmas lasts for 4 months! It's such as shame that markets have been affected by Covid.

There are lots of virtual fayres running via platforms such as ZOOM that, for a small fee, advertise your products for a few hours. But these costs all add up! What if you could pay that small one off fee each month (less than a day stall at a fayre would cost you) and your stall be advertised and promoted 24/7, 365 days a year, driving your customers too you. And not just your usual customers, but right across the UK and all still with that community spirit?

The craft industry has lots of platforms where Crafters can sell their products but most take a % of your sale. We understand that sometimes this “fee” can be the difference between a Crafter making a profit or not. We wanted to create a platform that didn’t do this - If your hard work went into making it, then you should keep the money from it!

And so... The Online Craft and Gift Fayre was born!

We launched the The Online Craft & Gift Fayre in June of 2020 and it’s been extremely successful.  

We’ve also linked it now to our virtual Countdown Market that runs on Facebook and between the two they have been very successful. 

For only £3 a month, not only do our members get a ‘pitch’ on our site that is continually seen by thousands of people - but they also get a free pitch in our Countdown Market, free promotion in our scheduled events, one on one promotion across our social media platforms, up to 50% off our master classes and discounts on crafting supplies! Most importantly, we understand that the profit is THEIRS - which is why we NEVER take a % of their sales!

We are so proud of how far The Online Craft & Gift Fayre has come in such a short period of time, and will continue to work hard to ensure that our Stall Holders have the greatest chance of success at such uncertain times.

Much love & keep crafting

Natasha & Gaby

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