Angels & Crystals Jewellery & Wooden Crafts

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Angels and Crystals range include bracelets made from various crystal beads adorned with Rhinestone spacer beads and a variety of charms, with matching necklaces.

Mental health range: Bracelets made with lava stone (and other crystal beads) which is grounding and helps keep us in the here and now. It is also porous so you can add relaxing and soothing essential oils to the beads and they work as a diffuser so these pieces are very special in their dual purpose.

I also make worry beads and 5 minute Self Care Cards. Fused glass necklaces and earring: Glass is so special to work with as it has a mind of its own which creates its own unique beauty over and over again. Pyrography Range.

These are inspired in part by my broad personal interests and range from time pieces, and spirituality to cats and bees. I am open to commissions if anyone has special requests. If you have any questions or commission requests please contact me via my Facebook page ( or email me at

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